Vintage style linen pillowcases with embroidery.

Do you like rummaging through the second hand stores? I do. Searching for something cool to wear is nice, but I get more fun from rummage among tablecloths, blankets, sheets pillows etc. You can find this way many original things, and very often even handcrafted stuff. That’s the biggest advantage.

pillowcases - embroidery close upOne day  I found a hand-embroidered tablecloth. I have no idea how it was made, to be honest i know nothing about embroider, I’ve done little bit of cross-stitching, and that’s it.

So I came out with the idea to recycle this tablecloth and use it to make those stylish pillowcases.  I love to alter things from one to another – you know, to give second life to things. There is no sense of throwing old things away, when they still can be used. And best of all, you can create something unique – something, that no one else can possess. There is also an ecologic matter, but I am not going to dwell about this.

I’ve used linen fabric to make these pillowcases, they are zippered.

found another piece of interesting fabric lately, and I am thinking about making some more pillowcases, you can’t get enough of them. But this is for a future.

At the end I urge you to rummaging for yourself from time to time, have a nice day.

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