Vintage style linen pillowcases with embroidery.

Do you like rummaging through the second hand stores? I do. Searching for something cool to wear is nice, but I get more fun from rummage among tablecloths, blankets, sheets pillows etc. You can find this way many original things, and very often even handcrafted stuff. That’s the biggest advantage.

pillowcases - embroidery close upOne day  I found a hand-embroidered tablecloth. I have no idea how it was made, to be honest i know nothing about embroider, I’ve done little bit of cross-stitching, and that’s it.

So I came out with the idea to recycle this tablecloth and use it to make those stylish pillowcases.  I love to alter things from one to another – you know, to give second life to things. There is no sense of throwing old things away, when they still can be used. Continue reading

Decoupaged soaps

I enjoy to decorate soaps, it’s a simple pleasure. When you use proper technique, you get very nice addition to your bathroom easily. And a gift for every occasion.
The hard part is to find original patterns. Here you can see patterns taken from napkins, not so original… Well, I have more ideas, so – to be continued.mydelka-kwiatki These decorated soaps can be used in normal way, the pattern does not wash out. Tested on my family 😉
Have a nice day.


Mini Tissue Holder

As every woman (well, maybe not every) I have a terrible mess inside my backpack / purse. I keep almost everything in there: from screws to notes and documents.
Not so long ago, you could even find juices, diapers, lots of hairclips and my doughter’s favourite toys – horse figurines. Well, those times passed – but screws, notes and cometics still remains. Between all this mess there is always a lot of tissues.

So I decided to make this nice mini tissue holder. It’s made of linen and cotton lace. I like it – it’s very elegant and nice addition to my purse.

And it is much more interesting that those factory made plastic bags. Best of all it always drags attention, when you give tissue to another person.

Decoupaged Thread Rack

Thread rack hanging on the wall.

Thread rack hanging on the wall.

I don’t know how it happened, but it happened. I have my own blog, and this is my first post.
Since I decided to bring my old sewing machine to life, wooden thread spools became  my favourite decoration. I mean those old thread spools, but it’s hard to get them nowadays. But when you’ve got even few of them, it’s a waste to hide them deep in drawers or baskets. It’s better to show them or you can even use them to sort out mixed lace. That’s why I made this thread rack.

It’s made of wooden board 60x30cm. My J. helped me with this nice cut out ornament on top. It can hold 38 thread spools. Graphic pattern found over the net.

I think It makes a  good gift.